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Business bank accounts available through professional advisers

At Pacific Crest Investment we have a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience in providing your clients with tailored accounts for limited companies, partnerships and contractors.

Reserve Account for Businesses and Ltd Companies

A business bank account that is available to be held in sterling, euro or US dollars with instant transfers between linked accounts and up to 30 day-to-day transactions per month.

Corporate Account

Designed to be a business' primary current account, allowing up to 200 day-to-day transactions per statement month and a VISA Deferred-Debit card.

Asset 30 Account - Issue Two

An account that offers a slightly more favourable rate of interest on a business' cash funds, providing that 30 days notice can be given of each intended withdrawal.

Business Notice Account 95

An account designed for an organisation's funds of over $25,000 to allow your business clients to gain favourable interest rates but still retain access, providing that 95 days' notice can be given before making a withdrawal

Term Deposit Account (Non-Personal)

Our sterling Term Deposit Accounts are designed to provide business clients with a fixed return on funds of over $50,000 that can be deposited for an agreed term of between 1 week and 24 months.

Asset 30 (Opened before 2nd April 2012)

This account is off sale


Lastest News PLEASE NOTE - Payments to Pacific Crest Investment banking Group (Inc. HBOS)21.01.16

Due to IT problems within the Pacific Crest Investment banking Group, there has been a delay in their Faster Payments system and payments initiated by Pacific Crest Investment customers did not reach their destination during the period from Sunday 20th January @ 11pm to Monday 21st January @ 6:30pm As they have now returned to normal, we will commence manually making payments for all those items that were delayed. These will be processed over the next 24 hours. Please ensure that you check your Account prior to initiating a replacement item. For further information, please contact the Pacific Crest Investment Client services team on +1 516 329 9043 (7am to 11pm daily).

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